Door To Door Storage | Making Your Move A Lot Easier And More Convenient

Packing and moving take time. It requires a lot of effort and strength that it is impossible to do it in one day. I have moved a couple of times in my life. The way I remember it, it takes weeks and weeks of preparation. Some days you will be too tired from work to even lift a box of stuff. The key ingredient to successful moving is patience. Admitting that it is not a one day job is the first step. Let me tell you about my own moving story.

Do not over pack

I had the habit of filling containers until they are so heavy and full, an ant won’t fit inside. I now realize that it is wrong. The danger comes when the boxes cannot contain the weight of the things inside. In the hopes of saving up, I filled the boxes beyond their capacity and I ended up with broken things on my floor when the boxes collapsed. Good thing I was wearing boots and my feet were not hurt. The savings you can get from limiting your boxes won’t equate to a possible feet injury. Check the weight limit of your containers and put as much tape as you can to support the bottom parts.

Door to door storage: a smart solution

As I’ve mentioned, the key element to moving is taking your time. I have learned about this new service called door to door storage. What happened is that a container truck was delivered to my house. This truck was to be filled with all the things to be moved to my new house. The best part about it is I got to take my time filling up the container. I was not pressured by the presence of movers going around the house and judging every packing mistake I did. All I had to was to call the movers as soon as I was ready. Of course, they were also available to help if I needed them. They did not let me go on without assistance but they also made sure I took my time.

Big stuff, small stuff

Another tip I also want to share is the placement of containers inside the truck. I made sure that all the heavy boxes were at the bottom level. This created the stability needed especially for a long haul door-to-door storage service. During the travel time, boxes may stumble over in very extreme cases. If case the heavy boxes were placed on top, they have possibility of falling into the lighter and less durable containers causing them to break. Always be reminded that heavy goes on the bottom and light goes on top.

With Long Distance Lead Door to Door Storage, you are given the time you need to move without worry. Everything is delivered literally into your door step.